Double-tapping (Right-clicking) is disabled by default in new Firefox on OS X

It’s been a while since I last updated my blog – yah, I know, I’m getting really slack lately… Will going to be a short one today anyway. 🙂

After updating my beloved Firefox to today, (yes you heard it right, I’ve been using the good old 1.5.x branch until now) I can no longer bring up the “Contextual menu” (aka the Right-click menu) via the usual double-tapping on my trackpad. The “Control-click” still works but I still find the “double-tapping” way more efficient. So, I had a look around and found out that new version of Firefox disables this by default. To enable it, type the following in the URL/address bar:


and look for an entry as following:


then change its value to “True” by double-clicking on it.

There you go, the good old double-tapping that acts as the right-clicking is now back on!! 🙂

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