How to Enable Root Access for KDE

Before anyone starts shouting at me – I know it’s a bad idea to do this but I was trying out the new Gentoo distro and found myself unable to log in via the user account that I created during the installaiton process. The only account I can log in was the *root* account. KDM disable the root access by default, as the result I have to enable this via the following steps to get myself logged into the Gentoo. So just in case anyone wants to know how to do it, here are the instructions:

Locate the kdmrc file (normally in the “/etc/kde*/kdm/kdmrc”, replace * with the version of KDE you’re running)

Search for


and change it to


Das ist alles!!

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  1. sabina on October 21st, 2006

    one question for you:

    what are the strongest days of a week?


  2. Andy on October 24th, 2006

    Saturdays and Sundays (as they’re not “week”days). Man, this joke is not funny any more… 🙂

  3. Emily on October 31st, 2006

    Well – for me – the two strongest days of the week are Wednesdays (as it’s mid week) and Friday (as it’s end of working week).

    Ok, what colours would you assign to days?
    For me:

    Monday: Yellow
    Tuesday: Orange
    Wednesday: Green
    Thursday: Dark Red
    Friday: Purple
    Saturday: White
    Sunday: Dark Green

    There’s no point in this at all – just whatever comes into your head! lol!

    Emy x

  4. sabina on November 10th, 2006


    my Kaspersky Antivirus Software is dead….=..=

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