Finally Moved to the MIB!!

Well, after a long and hard day’s work (well mainly chucking out old papers and stuffs that I don’t really need in the new office – which took nearly 3 hours to say the least) all day today, I’ve finally moved into the new office inside MIB eventually. For those who don’t know what MIB is, well to begin with, it stands for Manchester Interdisciplinary Biocentre, and have been created to promote interdisciplinary, challenge-oriented bioscience and biotechnology within the University of Manchester (well, according to the university Website anyway…:|). The move has been promised to take place for nearly 6 months and I’m glad that it finally did take place today as it’s been dragging on a bit too long…

It’s a nice environment and the fact that, at the moment, only 4 of us have moved into our new group office, it feels very spacious and quiet – however, I can see this being changed fairly quickly once everyone all moved in (14 in total!!).

Inside the MIB!!

The move has been pretty much stress-free to me. As I’m a *dry* person (for non-bioscience people out there, this means people predominantly working on the computational side of the things, rather than mixing/analysing chemical stuffs inside the experimental laboratories, which he/she is called a *wet* person), supposedly *all* I have to do is just moving my PCs and books/papers to the new location and I’m done. Well, not quite!! Once my computers are over and I had a difficult time in trying to get my computers (a Linux box and Mac laptop) onto the network and spent the whole afternoon working out the cause behind it, at the end, it comes down to the fact that the new IP addresses given to me wasn’t properly activated (and I’ve to ask the IS people to unblock certain ports so I can run my Web services – well that’s another story…), at last it’s all working okay now – fingers crossed, hope it lasts!!

This is my desk, with my Linux box and Mac laptop!!

The new office looks great and so is inside of the MIB. I had my reservation at first but is kind of growing into liking the building itself now, and it also helps when MIB has its own café!! 🙂

Our office is located on the 2nd floor, although looks a little bare at the moment, this will soon change too once the servers start being moved in the coming weeks.. 😐

Lovely view outside, I really like these huge windows…

More to follow as I start to settle in my new life inside the MIB… 🙂

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  1. Andy on September 10th, 2006

    Actually all of us working in the group were thinking of coming in one day in the black suit with a black tie and of course wearing a pair of black shades and see what our boss would say… :>

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