Lost of my ADSL connection

As many of you can see there’s not much updating in the past few days, well partly because I’m *lazy* and partly due to the sudden lost of my ADSL connection. First thought was a BT outage in my area but after 2 days of non-ADSL service, I felt it might be down to my ISP’s fault – filed an enquiry ticket to my ISP today tho. I’ve to post this from work today but hopefully I will be back soon to live!!

Note: Emily, I now know what’s it like without ADSL (haven’t lived without it since early 2002)!!


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  1. Emily on June 5th, 2006

    Yes dear old snail connection, let alone that little chap up there!

    I am still in Devon, but back in old London town next week when I’ll definitely send you that photo!

    Hope you’re not going mad without ADSL!

    Emy x

  2. Emily on June 17th, 2006

    And my question is:

    What has happened to you?

    I’m back in London yet I haven’t managed to get round to doing the photograph for you, only because I have a small problem, how to you change the resolution? Is that on photoshop somewhere? If I don’t hear from you I’ll send you an email instead.

    Hope the sun is out in Manchester, it’s boiling here!

    Emy x

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