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The Night Before Jetting Off to the USoA 0

Was meant to be in the Font Bar, for a *quick* session and guess what, as per usual, it turned out to be a long one… I had to do all my packing in the morning of the day leaving… 🙂

Me, Dave, Rog and Josh, the night before we heading for the USofA!!

England Top the Group!! 1

Watched England v Sweden last night at Lass O’Gowrie (just realised that Lass even has its own website nowadays:!!) and although wasn’t too impressed with the 2 goals we conceded at the end, we’re still top of the group and safely through to the last 16 (also avoid the host Germany as well).

Got so pissed in the pub but still managed to have one *decent* photo taken. That’s me on the right, showing off the new England away shirt, with Mr Rooney (Dave) and I was even holding the World Cup if you look close enough!!

DB at Lass_s1.jpg

Killing a Linux Process 2

A very handy tip from Ryan on how to kill the unwanted Linux process.

From the “I always need this but never remember how to do it” file – How to kill a Linux process from the command line:

ps -A | grep processname | cut -c0-5 | xargs kill

This gets a listing of the process in question from ps -A that looks like this:

17468 ? 00:00:00 processname

and cuts the first five characters to get the process id and passes that straight to kill.

For extra crispiness, use kill -9.

Update: As my fellow readers have pointed out – the killall command already does this. So, don’t write your own and don’t listen to me, just use killall processname

However, if you’re looking to kill only certain processes, and not all processes of the same executable, you can modify the command like this for a more generic matcher patter:

ps -aux | grep process pattern | cut -c10-15 | xargs kill

Lost of my ADSL connection 2

As many of you can see there’s not much updating in the past few days, well partly because I’m *lazy* and partly due to the sudden lost of my ADSL connection. First thought was a BT outage in my area but after 2 days of non-ADSL service, I felt it might be down to my ISP’s fault – filed an enquiry ticket to my ISP today tho. I’ve to post this from work today but hopefully I will be back soon to live!!

Note: Emily, I now know what’s it like without ADSL (haven’t lived without it since early 2002)!!