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Double-tapping (Right-clicking) is disabled by default in new Firefox on OS X 0

It’s been a while since I last updated my blog – yah, I know, I’m getting really slack lately… Will going to be a short one today anyway. 🙂

After updating my beloved Firefox to today, (yes you heard it right, I’ve been using the good old 1.5.x branch until now) I can no longer bring up the “Contextual menu” (aka the Right-click menu) via the usual double-tapping on my trackpad. The “Control-click” still works but I still find the “double-tapping” way more efficient. So, I had a look around and found out that new version of Firefox disables this by default. To enable it, type the following in the URL/address bar:


and look for an entry as following:


then change its value to “True” by double-clicking on it.

There you go, the good old double-tapping that acts as the right-clicking is now back on!! 🙂

Strange Layout in Mac OS X… 0

Well, I guess it is a good thing of having an alternative OS (Mac OS X) at my disposal!!

The new theme I applied to my blog looks fine under both Linux (Debian & (K)Ubuntu) and Windows XP. However, I recently acquired a 2nd-hand Powerbook 15″ G4 (absoultely a beauty!!) and when I first visited the blog using Firefox on OS X, the layout of my blog looks slightly different.

Here is what it looks like before:

and here is what it looks like after I fixed the CSS:

As you can see the header appears to be on top of the calendar when viewing in the Mac machines even though using the same browser, i.e. Firefox. I’m guessing that Firefox mac port has been designed slightly different to its Linux and Windows counterparts…

Well, nevertheless, it’s fixed now and hopefully no more surprises in that department!! 🙂

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