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Out in the Bar 3

Spent the night out in “the Common” bar with mates and here are some photos of the night!!

Ann looking gorgeous and me showing off my new hair cut.

Dot and Ali posing to the camera!!

The Night Before Jetting Off to the USoA 0

Was meant to be in the Font Bar, for a *quick* session and guess what, as per usual, it turned out to be a long one… I had to do all my packing in the morning of the day leaving… 🙂

Me, Dave, Rog and Josh, the night before we heading for the USofA!!

“All At Sea” by Richard Walters 0

Just finished watching the episode 21 of CSI: Miami and the ending song really grabbed my attention. Googled it and found out the artist’s name is Richard Walters, a 23 year old folk musician from Oxford. The song is called “All At Sea” and it’s absolutely beautiful. You can hear it on his MySpace page at


His EP is available at “” if you’re interested in buying a copy – I did and it’s well worth it!! 🙂