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Photos from the USoA!! 0

Here is the collection of photos that I took during my USA trips (Boston and NYC) this year… 🙂

There are quite few of them, taken by both work colleagues and myself, you can see we were definitely loving our time in the States, enjoy!!

Lost of my ADSL connection 2

As many of you can see there’s not much updating in the past few days, well partly because I’m *lazy* and partly due to the sudden lost of my ADSL connection. First thought was a BT outage in my area but after 2 days of non-ADSL service, I felt it might be down to my ISP’s fault – filed an enquiry ticket to my ISP today tho. I’ve to post this from work today but hopefully I will be back soon to live!!

Note: Emily, I now know what’s it like without ADSL (haven’t lived without it since early 2002)!!


eBay is fantastic!! 0

Recently, I’m hooked on buying stuffs from eBay. I was looking for a cheap 2nd-hand laptop for my sister but ended up buying a brand new one for half of the retail price – saved nearly 500 quid!!

This is it!!

Just to finish off, saw this eBay-related article “eBay Email Trauma” and I’m sure it will make you laugh for a while… 🙂

2 meals for the price of 1 at Wagamama!! 2

Courtesy of
Can’t believe when Ali told me this but it’s true, buy 1 get 1 free at Wagamama… You just can’t beat that, simply print out the voucher and present it on the checkout!! Quick, it’s only vaild until 28/05/2006, i.e. this Sunday…

Wagamama Voucher

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