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Viewing Embedded QuickTime Movies via Firefox on Ubuntu 2

I was at Apple’s website last night and eager to check out the latest stunning aluminium unibody MacBook, and it was then I realised that my Firefox (on Ubuntu) doesn’t have the ability to play Apple’s de facto online streaming media – the QuickTime movie.

I know that MPlayer has a plug-in, “mplayerplug-in” (a Mozilla browser plugin to allow playing embedded movies on Web pages using MPlayer.) for Firefox for dealing with this problem so in wasting no time I type the followings in the terminal:

sudo apt-get install mplayer mozilla-mplayer

p.s. You might have to enable the “multiverse” repository first in order to install all the required packages.

After the installation, I restart the Firefox for the MPlayer plug-in to kick in, and I was able to watch that embedded video showing how Apple design and produce the beautiful 13′ MacBook from a single aluminium block – I’m very impressed I must say.

Firefox Problem After Upgrading to Ubuntu 8.10 (From 8.04) 0

After the smooth process of upgrading my Ubuntu from Hardy Heron (8.04) to Intrepid Ibex (8.10), I happen to notice my Firefox (version 3.03) starts to behave differently. For instance, Firefox’s toolbar always returns to the default layout and some of installed add-on icons do not appear even they are functioning properly.

After some trials and errors, I eventually found the culprit that is causing this strange behaviour: Ubuntu Firefox Modifications (version 0.6) add-on. Once it is disabled, Firefox behaves like normal. I suspect a newer version of this add-on is needed for the new Ubuntu 8.10, however I’m still yet to notice any problem after disabling it…

How To Re-align Tab From Centre To Left In Mutli-row Firefox Tab-bar 0

Open the userChrome.css file inside your profile folder and add the following lines at the end, easy!! 🙂

* Fix Tab Mix Plus centred tab problem
.tabbrowser-tabs {
text-align: left !important;

.tab-text {
text-align: center !important;

Double-tapping (Right-clicking) is disabled by default in new Firefox on OS X 0

It’s been a while since I last updated my blog – yah, I know, I’m getting really slack lately… Will going to be a short one today anyway. 🙂

After updating my beloved Firefox to today, (yes you heard it right, I’ve been using the good old 1.5.x branch until now) I can no longer bring up the “Contextual menu” (aka the Right-click menu) via the usual double-tapping on my trackpad. The “Control-click” still works but I still find the “double-tapping” way more efficient. So, I had a look around and found out that new version of Firefox disables this by default. To enable it, type the following in the URL/address bar:


and look for an entry as following:


then change its value to “True” by double-clicking on it.

There you go, the good old double-tapping that acts as the right-clicking is now back on!! 🙂